About Sutton's Gourmet Seasoned Salt

Sutton has been a treasured name in our family since 1803 when Elizabeth Sutton married Jesse Shelmire in New Orleans, just as the Louisiana Purchase was being completed. Cooking and sharing special times with family and friends around a table laden with wonderful foods have always been at the top of my list of favorite things. Years ago my beloved sister-in-law and I would mix the precursor of this recipe in our kitchens in our biggest turkey roaster pans and give the salt to our friends for Christmas.


After attending La Varenne Ecole de Cuisine in Paris, I decided to make improvements to the original recipe, which was no easy task! But thanks to all the family and friends who tasted and offered suggestions and encouragement, the seasoning we now have was created. Doing this was really a labor of love.

Sutton's Today

Working with my current spice manufacturer, I deleted and added ingredients and altered quantities. After studying and testing the difference between refined, sea and kosher salts, and months of taste tests, the current gourmet seasoned salt was born,  My family has inherited my enthusiasm for cooking and we all enjoy trying different recipes and using Sutton's to enhance the flavor. I hope you will share our passion.

Bon appetite!    Peggy Shelmire


Let your words be gracious: seasoned with salt!
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